Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

Patrick Ruffini organized a blogger conference with Ed Gillespie, high-ranking republican, Samuel Alito's counselor and former chief of Republican National Committee. Townhall, Professor Bainbridge, RightWing News, Blogs for Bush, The Political Teen, Suitably Flip and Decision '08 reports. Try to imagine something like that in Italy, where even Scalfarotto leaves the blogosphere (hat tip: Tony). United Nations Children's Fund launches an anti-war tv spot in Belgium which shows the Smurfs' village annihilated by warplanes. According to Garfield Ridge, annihilation is not enough. Phastidio on ownership society and Il motel dei polli ispirati on american health system (and not only): must-read. American Idol and individualism in pop culture: Catallarchy. Washington Post writes that Howard Dean is loosing the fundraising race against GOP. Weren't democrats the certain winners of 2006 elections? Analysis and comments at: Captain's Quarters, Ballon Juice, Powerline,, GOP Bloggers, The Moderate Voice. In the United States, France Intifada is followed closely only at right-wing blogs: In the Bullpen, Secular Blasphemy, Gateway Pundit, Captain's Quarters, Jihad Watch, The Politburo Diktat, The Belmont Club, Daimnation!, TMH's Bacon Bits, The Truth Laid Bear, Captain's Quarters and The Florida Masochist. Left-wing bloggers just pretend that nothing is happening and continue to french-chat. Two interesting italian blogs (not citizens of TocqueVille): I Diavoli Neri and Grendel from the moor. Stories of ordinary red madness at Feltrinelli: listen to this podcast (via Tempi Duri). And then follow the event at Tempi Duri (1-2), Critica della ragion pubblica and Alef. Amazing post on Nation at Il blog dell'Anarca (via Otimaster). Honour for Nassirya's fallen ones. Veteran's Day round-up:, California Conservative, Blogs for Bush, Conservative Thinking, Nickie Goomba, And Rightly So!, Freedom Folks, The Truth Laid Bear, RightFaith, The Uncooperative Blogger, The Political Teen, Don Surber, The Right Track, Captain's Quarters, Soldiers' Angel, Iowa Voice. Open trackbacks: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, The Political Teen, Stop the ACLU, Basil’s Blog, MacStansbury, Big Dog, Point Five, THM’s Bacon Bits, Don Surber, Jo’s Cafe, Wizbang, bRight and Early, Conservative Cat, Oblogatory Anecdotes, Cao’s Blog. Brief guide to trackback.

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