Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Night Round-Up

RaiNews 24's lies about "white phosphorous flares" used by US Army at Fallujah were peddled to everyone (AdnKronos, AGI, Corriere della Sera, L'Unità, Repubblica) and they are the opening title at Google News. But this "terrible chemical weapon" is used, since decades, to enlight enemy emplacements in the dark. As Ace of Spades writes (via My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy): "Italian TV has an upcoming scoop on another American chemical super-weapon-- injecting toxic lead capsules into the bodies of enemies through a secret technology codenamed guns". About real news: amazing round-up at Mudville Gazette about Iraq and war on terror. QandO Blog, Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, No Pasaran, Wizbang! and Cheat Seeking Missiles tell the disgusting story of Jimmy Massey and his chubby lies (at first, amplified by mainstream media withouth any check and then simply ignored after the debunking). Liberal's winds of war against Samuel Halito seem to decrease. A confirmation arrives by a very liberal newspaper like the Los Angeles Times (via Captain's Quarters and Patterico's Pontifications). And even Ted Kennedy says that "a filibuster is not in the playbook" ("Meet the Press" video at The Political Teen)."Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands": Mark Steyn on French Intifada in the Chigago Sun-Times. Michelle Malkin's round-up. According to Chicago Boyz (via Nickie Goomba), this has "stripped the American Left of its second Utopia in a generation". By TocqueVille, on the same subject: 1972, Wellington, Le guerre civili, 2twins, Robinik, Il motel dei polli ispirati, Gianni De Martino, Il Griso, Lisistrata, No Way, Il Megafono, Tempi Duri (just to underline some of the most recent posts). The best place to keep ourselves informed about the last conspiracy theories forged by the anti-Bush front is, like always, the New York Times (via NewsBusters). (via Stop the ACLU) against the 9th Circuit Court. The website Yes on 73 (via Hyscience) has released shocking audio tapes that should influence California's referendum on Proposition 73 (the Parents' Right to Know and Child Protection initiative). Anti Al-Qaeda Demonstrations in Morocco with 150 thousands people. All the details on Gateway Pundit (via The Jawa Report).

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