Saturday, November 19, 2005

GOP: Iraq Showdown

“We have troops in harm’s way. We cannot afford to send mixed messages.” With these words, Arizona’s congressman, J.D. Hayworth, threw the Republican gauntlet to the Democratic rivals, obliging them to take – once for all – a definitive position on the permanence of American troops in Iraq. In the next hours, the House will vote on a withdrawal proposal originally introduced, without any chance to be accepted, by John Murtha (D- Pennsylvania). Just to get a bit of media attention for the anti-Bush movement. The motion, on the contrary, was endorsed by GOP, with a terrific coup-de-theatre and a great amount of courage. The goal, self-confessed, of the Republicans is to push the Democrats to a corner and oblige them to take their own responsibilities in face of the voters. “We want to be sure – said Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert (Illinois) – to give all the possible support to our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will not withdraw.” Now, after years of flip-flop, finally it will be possible to count the number of Democratic congressmen that haven’t still sent their brains to the cluster embracing the radical drift of Howard Dean & Co. Unless, of course, they will not decide to do what they can do best: hide themselves or run away from reality. Meanwhile, the right side of blogosphere is erupting in a glee of analysis, comments and live-blogging: Media Blog (NRO), The Hotline (NJ), Hugh Hewitt, The Jawa Report, QandO Blog, Michelle Malkin, All Things Beautiful, GOP Bloggers, Instapundit, Stop The ACLU, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Wizbang, The Political Teen, Polipundit, Captain's Quarters, Protein Wisdom, Rightwing News, Don Surber, Point Five, Jeff Quinton, The Moderate Voice, The Strata-Sphere, The Politburo Diktat, Small Town Veteran, The Truth Laid Bear, Macsmind, EuphoricReality, Freedom Folks, Blogs for Bush, Gateway Pundit, Sister Toldjah,, No End But Victory, Crazy Politicos Rantings, Iowa Voice, The Political Pit Bull, Stuck on Stupid, Right Voices, Conservative Thinking, Cao’s Blog, Basil’s Blog, Jo’s Cafe, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. PrestoPundit, Argghhh!, Decision '08, Gateway Pundit.

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