Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tuesday Night Round-Up

On the 24th of November, William Buckley Jr. will celebrate his 80th birthday. The Economist (via The Mote in God's Eyes, with an amazing post) takes the chance to ponder about the future of the American Conservative Movement and the Republican Party. Yesterday, in the Senate, GOP made a horrible move about War on Terror, according to Michelle Malkin and Hugh Hewitt. But in the last years GOP was always lucky enough to find enemies who are much worse. Other analysis and comments at Captain's Quarters, Right Wing Nut House, QandO, Daily Pundit, The Anchoress, Right Wing News, PoliPundit, The Strata-Sphere, ScrappleFace, GOP Bloggers. If somebody still have doubts about the fact that networking works better on the Right than on the Left, the Pajama-Clad Revolutionaries are coming to clean up the last insurgents. All the details on National Review and New York Sun. Democrats start whining about Samuel Alito's pro-life past. The Battle for the Supreme Court is heating up: Washington Times, Washington Post, Blogs for Bush, Power Line, The Political Teen, Myopic Zeal. Stefania of Free Thoughts (via My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) writes his first Cotillion Carnival. Conservative's girl are always the best: Sissy Willis confirms that, beating up Wonkette. At California Conservative, the last anti-Bush trick by Associated Press, former press agency and now official speaker of American Left. All Things Beautiful has the best-name-ever for this: "The Associated Press Deficit Disorder". Other details at Protein Wisdom, The Truth Laid Bear, Baldilocks, Classical Values, Gateway Pundit, Ed Driscoll, Daily Pundit. Amazing article by James Pinkerton at Tech Central Station about the last chapter of the "Mary Mapes vs. Blogs" saga. Mapes was the producer of the infamous fake scoop which wasted Dan Rather's career. At The Jawa Report, "Chirac Announces Terms of Surrender" after French Intifada. Mon Dieu! At Hyscience and Riehl World View, the details of the battle between Mexican president Vicente Fox and Venezuelan dictator (yes, dictator) Hugo Chavez. While my twin Otimaster celebrates the birthday of the world wide web, the other my twin Robinik and the two twins by 2twins writes about the ICANN controversy. Four twins in total, and everyone is better than Massimo Gaggi of the Corriere della Sera, who should find a twin able to write articles instead of him.

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