Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lazy Weekend Open Trackback

Please, click here and trackback the italian/english version

Starsailor - I'm a man or marsupial?
Adam's Blog - Do As They Say...Not as They Do
All Things Beautiful - Loyalty To The Truth on Thanksgiving
Otimaster - "Sunday Open Trackback". The comunism is a crime
Il Megafono - Presto in tutte le librerie: La Rosa nel Pugno
Robinik - Consigli
Camelot Destra Ideale - Tangente Enimont a Botteghe Oscure...
Pro American Movement - Come capire le tabelle del ritiro...
The Truckin' Blog - Saturday Morning Trackback
Mensa Barbie Welcomes You - Why is This Man Smiling
Don Surber - A Good Withdrawal
The Uncooperative Blogger - Electronic Coalition Bulletin
The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles - Fowl Leftovers
Freedom Folks - The Torture Lexicon
Neocon Italiani - Apprendisti iettatori
TMH's Bacon Bits - The Only Course in Iraq
The Florida Masochist - The Knucklehead of the Day award
The Business of America is Business - The Spin Doctor
Le Guerre Civili - In Svizzera la spesa conviene, grazie all'euro
A Conservative Mind - Pera traccia il confine culturale tra "noi"...
NeOquidnimis - Ricomincio da 22.700
Liberal Common Sense - I've been DOWNGRADED!!
Stuck On Stupid - Yuletide Battles
Conservative Cat - Who Do These American Soldiers Think...

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