Saturday, November 05, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

Ann Coulter, on RealClear Politics (via Nickie Goomba), explains why last week cooled off, again, the hopes of the anti-Bush front. Michael Moore, enemy of the big corporations, is not shy to hold thousands of shares by Wall Street's sharks. Not even the Halliburton's ones. The details on World Net Daily (via Myopic Zeal), who picked up the scoop in the book "Do As I Say, Not As I Do, Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy" by Peter Schweizer. On Commentary (via The Belgravia Dispatch), a symposiums about "Bush Doctrine" with, among others, William F. Buckley Jr., Francis Fukuyama, Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Richard Lowry, Edward N. Luttwak, Joshua Muravchik, Richard Perle, Daniel Pipes, Norman Podhoretz, Natan Sharansky). Conservative wing of the Republican party loves last Bush's Supreme Court nomination, Samuel Alito, but also libertarians from Reason are glad with president's choice. To follow the developments: Patterico Pontifications, The Volokh Conspiracy e Scotus Blog. An amazing Victor Davis Hanson on the last issue of the City Journal. Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, one of Al-Qaeda's terrorists charged for being involved in Madrid's bombing, was arrested in Pakistan. CNN's coverage (via The Jawa Report). State of the Blogosphere (October 2005): by David Sifry, Technorati's boss. How many times did you hear this fairytale: "before the invasion of Kuwait, USA were the main vendors of weapons to Saddam Hussein"? According to SIPRI's numbers (via Nasigoreng), during the Eighties, Russia, China and France sold 80% of weapons to Iraq. USA are well below 1%. November 8th: California’s special election deeply analyzed at California Conservative. Burn, Paris, burn. France Intifada according to the Weekly Standard. A round-up at Publius Pundit. Pro-Israel demonstration of the last November 3rd in Rome (and TocqueViller's pictures dei TocqueVillers!) on The American Thinker's blog. Allan H. Ryskind, on Human Events, explains last democrats' lies on Iraq War. With Howard Dean in charge, democrats will continue to loose elections. If you don't believe it, watch last Angry Howie's show on Fox News: video at Political Teen, transcript at Musing Minds. At Confirm Them, last madness of the activist judges of Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Unbelievable. We don't expect much from Warren Beatty political battles. But attacking Schwarzenegger because his top donors are all... wealthy, is a bit too much (via Independent Sources). Mario Sechi and Gian Marco Chiocci continue to a beat hard on fake Repubblica's scoop on Niger-gate. The last two (1-2) episodes of their reportage are a must-read. Like first seven. Open Trackbacks: My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, MacStansbury, The Conservative Cat, The Political Teen, Basil’s blog, Jo’s Cafe, Stop the ACLU, TMH’s Bacon Bits, Cao’s Blog, NIF, Oblogatory Anecdotes, Don Surber,Two Babes and a Brain, Wizbang, Bright and Early, Point Five, Mudville Gazette, Soldier’s Angels, The Blue State Conservative, Something and Half of Something, Euphoric Reality. A brief guide to trackbacks.

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