Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Night Open Trackback Carnage

(For the trackback, please use the italian/english version. Ping:

Since sometime we wanted to dedicate a day of the week to the open trackback, following the steps of the amazing Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. But we were too lazy until now. We don't have to explain anything to our American friends, because open trackbacks are very well known in the States (they can read something here, anyway). But we should have written something more for the Italian readers of the Right Nation. We are lucky that, just today, our twin Robinik decided to do all the work for us, writing a good explanation in italian, while launching his first Sunday Open Trackback (thanks Rob!). Let's stop talking then, and let's celebrate this first Sunday Night Open Trackback Carnage on The Right Nation.

The rules are simple, but they MUST be respected:
1) If you wrote a post that you want to show to our readers, do a trackback here (the url to ping is http://www/.). It's mandatory to link this post.
2) Posts will be linked at the end of this post, with the title and the name of the blog (yeah, it's a good way to improve your Technorati and TTLB's Ecosystem ranking.
3) Trackback Carnage is open to everyone except left-wing blogs (HA!). Only exceptions will be for our (few) lefty friends at TocqueVille. :)
4) If your blogging platform doesn't allow trackbacks, you can use Adam Kalsey's Simpletrack or Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger. I never tried them, but if Beth says that they work, I trust her. Only for TocqueVille's Citizens, we decided to accept also emails to this address (url, title, name of the blog, short excerpt of the text, use as subject: "Sunday Night Open Trackback"). Remember that, also in this case, a link to the Sunday Night Open Trackback Carnage is mandatory.
5) Enjoy!

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