Thursday, November 24, 2005

All in the Family

Unexpected developments in the Plamegate. According to Jack Cashill of World Net Daily, "there is every reason to believe that Wilson himself outed Plame to Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times in early May 2003, at least a month before the leak to Woodward". That is two months before Libby talked to NYT journalist Judith Miller. So Valerie Plane's husband, Josheph Wilson, is allegedly the "deep throat" deemed to undermine Bush administration (in liberals' dream world). Cashill found an old Vanity Fair article (January 2004) that suggest the Wilson-hypothesis as the most likely. For sure, the deeper you get, the clearer it becomes that there's only one huge scandal: the fact that Wilson-Plame pair represented United States of America around the world. Yet another amazing success of Clinton administration. [translated by Babs]

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