Thursday, November 10, 2005

Red Phosphorous - Round-Up

Scott Burgess' analysis at The Daily Ablution on RaiNews24's lies - reported also by Wellington in his latest, amazing post - ha aperto il vaso di Pandora's Box. And the right side of American blogosphere is now flooded with reconstructions and comments: Instapundit, Little Green Footballs, Protein Wisdom, Media Lies, The English Guy, Rightwing Nuts House, Countercolumn, Balloon Juice, Englishman in New York, The Briefing Room, Confederate Yankee, The Sweet Hereafter, Pale Fire, The Dusty Attic, Bujutsu, Rantingproof, Another Rovian Conspiracy, The Stockholm Spectator, Dean's World, The Dusty Attic. UPDATE. In the comments of this post at "I Diavoli Neri", Bisqui explains a lot of interesting stuff (and he's able to be calm even when some nasty trolls annoys him. Captain Marlow explains perfectly, in english, the Italian political background behind RaiNews 24's fake scoop. A must-read for our American friends who want to understand what happened.

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