Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Afternoon Round-Up

Mark Steyn, on Chicago Sun-Times writes about Hollywood's anti-americanism (Whoopi Goldberg included). Commentary at Powerline, The American Thinker, Edd Driscoll, Ann Althouse, Dinocrat, BrothersJudd Blog. A few weeks ago, on the City Journal, Brian C. Anderson (South Park Conservatives' author) faced a similar subject. A must-read. The only sane person in Hollywood seems to be Bruce Willis who, according to the Times is going to shoot a movie about Iraq War based on Michael Yon's reportages. Other details at A Conservative Mind, Generation Why?, Israelly Cool, Ace of Spades HQ, The Jawa Report, Gina Cobb, Riding Sun, Ex-Donkey Blog. Our American friends may want to read the english translation of this interesting post by Wellington on RaiNews 24's fake scoop about white phosphorus in Fallujah. Other good posts (in italian): Parbleu! (also here), I Diavoli Neri, Il motel dei polli ispirati, Wellington, Frequenza 0, The Italian Version. Another Time reporter is cooperating with Fitzgerald on Plamegate inquiry. The best blog to follow all the developments is always JustOneMinute. According to the 72% of French citizens, president Jacques Chirac's influence is weaker than always. All the details on Daily Telegraph, commentary at The Astute Blogger. "Police arrested 10 Sunnis carrying orders from a fugitive associate of Saddam Hussein's to assassinate the court's best-known judge" writes the New York Times. Commentary at Rantingprofs, A Blog For All, PoliBlog. Meanwhile, the trial goes on. Cheney or McCain: who's the real hero? Powerline has no doubts. Commentary at Protein Wisdom and Barcepundit. Who doesn't read at least once a day All Things Beautiful is committing a crime against arts and intelligence. Go read Alexandra's last post. Help my twin Robinik to fight anti-americanism on the web. If you don't, you are just a Michael Moore. Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy writes his opinion about Pajamas Media, Open Trackback e Weblog Awards: there's a reason why she's always the best. Moving time for some of our favorites blogs at TocqueVille. These are the new URL of Nequidnimis, Mondopiccolo, Silverlynx and Buzzurro. Update your blogrolls. We have nothing to add about the Sofri case. Our twin Otimaster wrote everything we think about it. The Duke is Gone. By the Washington Post (via Crazy Politico's Rantings), a sad story of corruption between Republicans in California.

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