Friday, September 09, 2005

What Lies Beneath/2

There is somebody even more guilty than New Orleans' Mayor, in this tragedy. We are talking about the democratic Governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco. Up to the last moment, and against any common sense, Ms Blanco kept on denying her authorization to evacuate the city. And we had to wait Fox News to learn about the very rough quarrel between the Mayor and the Governor on this subject. As it's pointed out by Hugh Hewitt and The Corner of The National Review, moreover, Ms Blanco inhibited Red Cross to deliver foodstuff and other relief materials into Superdome after the transit of the hurricane (and just before the flooding), with the purpose to "oblige" people to leave New Orleans. The same people for whom she had inihibited the forced evacuation. If you don't believe to the usual Fox News (here is the video, via The Political Teen), you can check directly in Red Cross' website. On the contrary, if you have healthy brains, you can also read the transcript of the radio interview by Hewitt to the reporter (Major Garret) that broke the news. The Mudville Gazette, lastly, gets into the embarassing details of a political confrontation between the Mayor and the Governor that is taking place since April 2003. As Glenn Reynolds writes, "many politicians will regret starting up the finger-pointing operations so soon". Nearly all of them are Democrats. (italian version)

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