Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blogs, the Free Market of Ideas

There are at least two obligatory readings for the ones that want to try to understand, though with a little delay, the revolution that is shaking the roots of the world information system. The first one is "Blog", written at the beginning of this year by American Hugh Hewitt, right-wing talk radio host, blogstar and emerging author of the new conservative publishing trade. The second one is "Blog Generation", by Italian Giuseppe Granieri, one of the main Italian experts on communication and our country's digital cultures (he writes, among other media, for "Il Sole 24Ore") and early-blogger who defines himself a "reasonable progressive". We are talking about two books very different one from the other but which - notwithstanding the ideological extraction of their authors - get to a surprisingly similar conclusion: the love story between public opinion and traditional media is over. And something else - you can call it blogsphere, if you wish - is gradually filling this trust-vacuum. (continues on

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