Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Same Face, Same Race

A wonderful post by Mariniello puts some light on the alarming similarities between italian extreme left and extreme right. Thirty years ago, with the due proportions, the situation was not very different.

"The people’s tribunal decided to put an end to the sinister work of Francesco Coco and sentenced him to death. Now this sentence was executed and the people’s torturers can be sure that if proletariat has an infinite patience it also has an astonishing memory, and that at the end nothing will remain unpunished. The judiciary, police, carabinieri, jails make up by now a single block, they are the basic articulations of a same military front that the multinationals’ state is lining up against proletariat. The only power alternative is the armed struggle for communism. It will be needed to sharpen the regime’s crisis, aiming the attack to the state’s heart, it is needed to give strength to the armed proletariat’s power building the fighting party". (June 8, 1976 – Red Brigades: claim of the homicide of Genoa’s general attorney, Francesco Coco)

"The bourgeois justice gets up to the life jail sentence, revolutionary justice goes beyond. A special tribunal has judged Vittorio Occorsio and found him guilty to have, for career opportunism, served democratic dictatorship, persecuting Ordine Nuovo’s militants, the ideas of which they are bearers. The inquisition’s attitude kept by the system’s serf Occorsio does not deserve any clemency. The fury used by him in hitting the “ordinovisti” degraded him to the level of a executioner. Also the executioners die. The sentence emitted by the tribunal of the political movement Ordine Nuovo is one of death, and it will be executed by a special operative nucleus. Forward for thwe new order!" (July 10, 1976 - Ordine Nuovo: claim of the homicide of Roma’s general attorney, Vittorio Occorsio)

* Note for American Readers: Red Brigades (extreme left) and Ordine Nuovo (extreme right) were terrorist groups operating in Italy in the 70's/80's.

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