Thursday, September 08, 2005

(Late) Weekend Round-Up

Late Round-up, this week, but with many irons in the fire. But let’s proceed with order, starting from the beginning of last week. Burtonia Blogs (via The Corner) restores the truth about geografic distribution of American casualties in Iraq, after the usual notorious ones had been talking really big (did somebody say “jackals"?). The ones, as ourselves, who always undertood little about “Able Danger’s case”, could find a useful guide in The Strata-Sphere’s round-up. ThinkDude’s time-line on Air America scandal is a masterpiece. In the meantime Brian Mahoney and Michelle Malkin keeep on hitting tough. George Trefgarne, on The Daily Telegraph, has no doubts: flat tax is on his way to the United Kingdom. No matter if Gordon Brown wants it or not. Interesting editorial by Robert L. Pollock, from The Wall Street Journal, on Ahmed Chalabi’s return into iraqui political scenery. Who showed more incompetence on Sheehan’s case, Bush administration or mainstream media? The answer provided by McQ on Qando Blog doesn’t leave room to other replies. When Jay Nordlinger, The National Review’s managing editor, writes a new Impromptus is always an big event. But the last two series of his column (one and two) are truly spectacular. Libertas has something to say to George Clooney. NYgirl points out a study by the Georgetown Law Journal that analyses the contributions to political parties, in the last 11 years, from the professors of the best Us Universities. The gap between democrats and republicans is impressing: 81% versus 15%. As Brian C. Anderson often wrote on The City Journal, campuses are the next wall that the Right Nation is going to crush. Other details on this subject, in this article by John Braeman on The FrontPage Magazine. In Hollywood movies, nowadays, the ones that smoke are just the losers. Usually, the good guys shoot up and burn the flag. The latest round-ups by Basil and Nif are, as usual, much better than mine (even though TJ was getting over one of his hangovers!). Fom The Jawa Report, a good news: american hostage Roy Hallums was fred in Iraq by the coalition forces. bRight and Early is a great place to watch the war being fighted between republicans and democrats for the Supreme Court. It’s enough to give a look to its posts filed in the category Scotus. Whoever is interested to more technical details should often make a jump to The Supreme Court Nomination Blog. Let’s end up with the tragedy caused by Katrina hurricane. Instapundit publishes an impressing list of blogs that activated themselves to collect funds for the victims (we just point out also the wonderful initiative by Lisistrata). In the meantime, the roughly 2000 blog that participated to the Blog Relief Weekend of The Truth Laid Bear collected almost 8 million dollars. Brendan Loy, author of The Irish Trojan's Blog, reported as anybody else did – minute after minute – the devastating arrival of Katrina to Us shores. If you have still any doubt over the fact that New Orleans’ Mayor, Ray Nagin, FEMA chief, Michael Brown, and, above all, Louisiana’s Governor, Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, are the three real responsible for the carnage, read - in reverse chronological order – the posts published on his blog (here the ones before August 30, and here the following ones). Or keep put the charge on Bush, as the 13% of Americans are doing (but wasn’t it supposed to be the final blow to his presidency?). (via My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) tells us, with a strong dose of black humour (first and second part), how media have faced the catastrophe. We’d better laugh about it. (italian version)

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