Friday, September 09, 2005

What Lies Beneath/1

(click to enlarge the picture)

A blast of resounding news overturns, abruptly, the crossfire of accusations between Democrats and Republicans on the dredful management of Katrina's emergency in New Orleans. Here is the first one. As it appears dramatically in the above picture (click here to get an enlargment), taken by a NASA satellite on August 31 at 10 AM, a big bridge on Mississippi river (the Crescent City Connection) and his entrance ramps were still accessible from downtown. In at least four areas not yet reached by water one can observe very well about 500 buses, that could have been used to remove people "detained" by Mayor Nagin inside Superdome or Convention Center. Exactly the same number of buses Nagin revealed to have asked for to the Bush administration, charging it not to have gotten into action on time. And they were available four days before evacuation from Superdome (source: Rambling's Journal via Protein Wisdom). Back on September 3, thanks to Google Earth, JunkYardBlog had discovered 146 buses parked at less than a mile from the stadium. Clearly, explains Newsmax, Mayor Nagin did not settle for a worn yellow school-bus, but was looking for Greyhound's unmatched comfort.

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