Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Double standard

Just imagine a Republican senator, powerful and white. Just imagine a young (but not too much) lady that has been working in his staff for years. Just imagine that this staffer breaks a couple of federal laws (by her initiative?) to get restricted documents concerning a political opponent of the senator. Just imagine that this opponent one is Democratic and black. Just imagine The New York Times’ headlines on the affair. Print them in your head. Now keep on imagining the same story without changing a single word, but just swapping the names of the two parties. Just imagine that the senator, powerful and white, is the Democrat Chuck Schumer. And that his opponent is the Republican Michael Steele, few months away from a difficult electoral challenge in Maryland. Now try again to imagine The New York Times’ headlines. What do you say? Can’t you imagine them at all? That’s my point.

MSM: New York Post, Washington Times, Washington Post, WBAL, The Hill, RenewAmerica, Newsday, Men's News Daily.
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