Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

[Sunday Update]

Lebanon photos: Take a closer look
Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times
Conservative Group Sets Sights on Chafee
M.L. Johnson, Associated Press
Surreal Rules
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
The Bugs Bunny Democrats
William Kristol, Weekly Standard
The BBC and Home-Grown Terrorists
James Lewis, Real Clear Politics
Killing with Care
Jay Nordlinger, National Review

Fog of Reuters
Philip Klein, The American Spectator
A McCain-Lieberman Ticket?
Michael Barone, US News & World Report
The Only Option Is to Win
Newt Gingrich, Washington Post
The One-Percent Problem
Rich Lowry, National Review

Where Are the War Movies?
Richard Corliss, Time
Dems Move Closer to McGovern's Losing Formula
John McIntyre, Real Clear Politics

Lieberman's Loss: Joe Will Rise Again
Dick Morris, New York Post
Stop Blaming Ourselves
Gerard Baker, The Times
Deconstructing Giuliani
Tom Bevan, Real Clear Politics
Radical Ideas for Iraq
Max Boot, Weekly Standard

Sloppiness and "Reutergate"
Brent Bozell III, Townhall
Hezbollah: The Mainstream Media's New Love
P. David Hornik, FrontPage Magazine
Big Foot, Scoop Jackson Democrats and other myths
Ann Coulter, Townhall

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Il blog dell'Anarca - Due video... ed è tutta un'altra storia
Planck's Constant - Daily KOS - the idiot's guide to Terrorism
The Uncooperative Blogger - Uncooperative Radio Podcast...
Mark My Words - If she wants to be a casualty...
Passi nel deserto - Magdi Allam: la nostra audio intervista
The Random Yak - Lessons Learned From the Garage Sale
Deeario - Seconda generazione e terrorismo - Italy is ready to send troops but…
The Real Conservative - Le relazioni pericolose di Galloway
Il blog dell'Anarca - Israele... sta con Israele
Neocon Italiani - Integrazioni
Morning Coffee - Muslims bristle at Bush term “Islamic fascists”
Planck's Constant - Terror-Proof Airlines Opens for Business
123beta - Open Trackback Weekend #14
All Things Beautiful - UK 'Home Grown' Terrorist Plot Thwarted
Cantor - War on terror
Amy Proctor - Invasion of Jihadists Privacy Foils Mid-Air Terror
Cantor - Dopo le foto, la guerra dei video

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