Monday, August 21, 2006

Republicans After 9/11

Mark Davis, columnist for the Dallas Morning News and radio talk show host on the ABC Radio Network, explains - on Real Clear Politics - why Rudolph Giuliani and John McCain are the frontrunners for the GOP presidential campaign in 2008. "GOP voters are laser-locked on the war views of the candidates - he writes - and less compelled by the 'God, guns and gays' issues which have lifted some recent candidacies and destroyed others. (...) This is a good thing. Not that conservative voters should stop caring about past core issues, but some of the topics that have taken up an enormous amount of breath and time at GOP conventions of late are things that just don't have a lot to do with the presidency. (...) The bottom line: it used to be a given that candidates deemed too liberal on some social issues could not compete for the Republican nomination. 9/11 truly did change everything".

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