Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

And Now, the Good News
Michael Barone, Real Clear Politics
The Slow Decline of Andrew Sullivan
Hugh Hewitt, Townhall
The 2006 Midterms: Moving Towards Democrats
Larry Sabato and David Wasserman, Real Clear Politics
Dems in Full Retreat
Michael Goodwin, NY Daily News

This Season's Jenin Massacre
Mark Steyn, SteynOnline
Anti-war, Anti-Israel, Anti-Joe
William Kristol, The Weekly Standard

Culture War Veterans for Truth
Nick Gillespie, Reason
Romancing the “Totalitarian Temptation”
Rich Lowry, National Review
The Strange Morality of Human Rights
P. David Hornik, FrontPage Magazine
The Brink of Madness
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

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Blue Star Chronicles - 2996
Planck's Constant - Liberals blind to Islamic Danger...
Woman Honor Thyself - Israeli SkillS
Blue Star Chronicles - He Ain't No Saint
I diavoli neri - Massacri in revisione araba
I diavoli neri - Massacri in revisione araba/2
Mark My Words - Obnoxious Repetition Does Not...
Planck's Constant - Why Israelis will win against...
123beta - OTA #12
Cantor - D’Alema col conflitto del medioriente non ci azzecca
Freedom Folks - Ever Wonder What REALLY Pisses...
Cantor - Decreto liberalizzazioni: l’equivoco del “grande...
Planck's Constant - War Now - War in 1967 - Israel - Arabs
NeOquidnimis - "A favorable disposition towards"
The Four Color Media Monitor - Too much exclusive contracting...
Tel-Chai Nation - Well, that was fast!
Mark My Words - Reuters faked photo
Tel-Chai Nation - Reutered photos and toy decoys
Blue Star Chronicles - Carnival of Blue Stars #16

Noblesse Oblige - All-American Rejects Move The Left Along
Committees of Correspondence - Age of Tolerance A Novel of...
Mark My Words - More Reuters fakery

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