Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ReutersGate/5 - Corriere's Version

Thanks to Aredan (in the comments), we find out that online edition of Corriere della Sera is using the second fake picture by Adnan Hajj to illustrate the usual piece of anti-Israel propaganda from Beirut. We have a screenshot (click on it to enlarge), in case the Italian Jihadists realize their mistake and put the page offline.

Below the picture you can read: "An Israeli F16 is dropping bombs over Israel". Oops... 1) They're not bombs, but flares. 2) Flares were "edited" with Photoshop (as the same Reuters was forced to admit). 3) The picture was taken off by Reuters more than 24 hours ago. 4) Why, in the name of God, an Israeli F16 should drop bombs over Israel? :)

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