Saturday, October 01, 2005

Townhall 2.0

It's restyling-time (and not only an exterior one) for since 1995, the home of American Conservatives on the Web. First reactions from the blogosphere (all positive ones) arrived at The Corner, Wizbang!, The Club for Growth and Polipundit. Born more than a decade ago, thanks to a Heritage Foundation's intuition, Townhall is the most authoritative and largest website in the world for conservative news and opinion. In 1998, the organizations virtually hosted by Townhall were around thirty. Nowadays they're well above one hundred. And if it's not enough for you to have two blogs (the legendary C-Log and the newborn Capitol Report), an incredibile amount of news arranged by issue and the "action" section, there are over 170 contributors choosen by Townhall among the best columnists of the Right Nation. Just to mention some of the most renowned ones: Ann Coulter, Brent Bozell, Charles Krauthammer, David Horowitz, Debra Saunders, Edwin J. Feulner, George Will, Jack Kemp, Joe Scarborough, Jonah Goldberg, Kathleen Parker, Marvin Olasky, Michael Barone, Michelle Malkin, Oliver North, Rebecca Hagelin, Rich Lowry, Robert Novak, William F. Buckley. If you find something better around, you're probably reading this blog by accident. (italian version)

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