Monday, October 24, 2005

Quick Sunday Night Round-Up

Al Franken, guest of David Letterman’s Late Show, avoids answering the questions on Air America’s scandal (video from Political Teen via The Radio Equalizer) and asks for death penalty for Bush, Rove and Libby. Joking, but not that much. According to The Washington Times (via QandO), White House is weighing an exit-strategy to withdraw the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, on The Truth Laid Bear, there is a page to discover the bloggers that are publicly against the nomination (and the few ones that support it). For Byron York on NRO (via Nickie Goomba), Miers’ support team is by now "demoralized". Hugh Hewitt doesn’t share this opinion at all. London’s Times (via Independent Sources and Ace of Spades) investigates on the mystery about UN charges to Syria after the assassination of Rafik Hariri. New York ‘s public schools don’t like Jesus: the details of an unbelievable story of liberal intolerance on Hyscience. Reportage by Michael Yon (from Weekly Standard via Jawa Report) on constitutional referendum in Iraq. The Washington Post (via Captain's Quarters) gets rid of one more urban legend on hurricane Katrina. Thousands of Bolivian workers march in front of American embassy in La Paz: they ask less socialism and more free market (via Publius Pundit). Meanwhile, in Paris, Chavez says that United States are in the verge of invading Venezuela (via California Conservative). Bush could kill two birds with a stone. On My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Beth has a wonderful list of open trackback: Adam’s Blog, Basil’s Blog, Big Dog, Blue State Conservatives, Cafe Oregano, Cao’s Blog, Jo’s Cafe, MacStansbury, Mudville Gazette, Oblogatory Anecdotes, Outside the Beltway, Publius Rendezvous, Soldiers’ Angel, Stop the ACLU, The Indepundit, The Political Teen, Two Babes and a Brain, Mad Dog Vinnie, Point Five.

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