Sunday, October 23, 2005

Caretto, the Misunderstood

So the Corriere della Sera in today’s front page (lower part): "The Ciagate is putting at risk the credibility of both the White House and The New York Times. The scandal, after obliging to resign the two strategists of Bush, could cost the job to Judith Miller, the daily’s journalist that spent 85 days in jail for not having disclosed the name of her informer...". This, on the contrary, the start of the inside article on the event, signed by the correspondent Ennio Caretto: "Suddenly, the Ciagate is putting at risk not only the credibility of the White House, but also that one of The New York Times. In addition to Karl Rove and Lewis Libby, the two strategists of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, the scandal could cost the job also to Judith Miller, the daily’s journalist that...". For the staff of Corriere della Sera, in short, Rove e Libby resigned without even waiting for the conclusion of the investigation run by attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. A huge scoop, as Camillo, defines it, considering that no other paper in the world gives that sensational news. Or maybe, more simply, even his colleagues in Via Solferino (the street in Milan where Corriere’s headquarters are) gave up trying to give a sense to the Caretto’s reporting from Washington. And now they draft headlines and summaries without reading (with care) his articles.

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