Monday, October 17, 2005

Election Mode

In the next six months this blog will switch to "election mode" and will deal nearly exclusively with the electoral campaign for 2006 Italian general elections. In the next days, and expecially for our American readers, we will prepare a series of short profiles - both in Italian and English - to explain Italian politics (people, parties, electoral system) to those who never followed it accurately, both on this and on the other side of the Atlantic. As usual, you won't get a neutral point of view. The Right Nation supports initiatives such as Blogs for CdL or Rete delle libertà, which openly side with the center-right coalition. We don't think we need to explain the reasons of this choice. We only need to look at Prodi's face for a few seconds. And in the following months, we will ignore the enormous gap between the center-right we want and the one we (unfortunately) have. We deeply believe that the majority of Italian citizens do not want to be governed by this left. These next six months will be devoted to them. (italian version)

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