Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend Round-Up

Scott Randolph was a democrat. But now he left his party for good to become a republican. Thanks to Cindy Sheehan (via The Corner). If you never read Day By Day by Chris Muir, just know that it is the best conservative comic-strip in the whole planet. From All Things Conservative, a wonderful news: ten tons of steel recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center will be used to build the warship USS New York. According to The Right Place this is a case of “poetic justice”. To face the highly numerous requests from its readers (and with a skilful move of digital marketing), The New York Sun decided to publish online one special page, free of charge, with all the paper’s articles on Air America scandal (via Captain's Quarters). On Imao, the ten reasons (in Letterman’s style) that suggest why The New York Times is not dealing with the event. According to Tapped, blog of the liberal (or progressive?) magazine The American Prospect, the candidacy of George Allen (Republican senator and former governor of Virginia) to the presidential elections in 2008, perhaps on a ticket with Condoleezza Rice, would be practically unbeatable. In Begging to Differ’s opinion, Allen would be the worst of all possible candidates. Four days ago The Washington Post foresaw that John Roberts’ nomination to the Supreme Court would not had faced any resistance from the Democrats. But on today’s Post, the publication of a memo dating back to 1984 puts some shades on Roberts’ past: the Jude chosen by Bush never liked... Michael Jackson. Roberts has to be worried much more for the critics coming from the right. A chemical arsenal discovered in Iraq? To the mainstream media it does not appear interesting. Not even when it is written by mainstream media. Today's brunch at Basil's Blog is not bad, but yesterday's lunch was better (only because we were in there). If this hack to make Mac OS operate on not-Apple personal computer really works, Steve Jobs would better dedicate himself soul and body to iPod. Hearty thanks to Richard of Hyscience, Beth of My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Rachel of A Commonplace Blog, TJ of Nif and the mythical Master of Otimaster for pointing out the birth of the English version of The Right Nation. Otimaster and Robinik (that today changes url and moves to became officially my twin-blogs. A hug to both of them. (read the original post in italian)

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