Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Air America

Even though mainstream media are trying desperately to make public opinion forget this story, every day the blogsphere provides us with new details of he scandal that is sweeping away Al Franken, Evan Montvel-Cohen and Air America, the radio network which (in the forbidden dreams of America democrats) should have put to an end to the conservative overwhelming power in the talk-radio world. In extreme synthesis: Cohen, who up to a few years ago was the manager of both Air America and Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club – a philanthropic organization that helps children and aged poor ones in the Bronx – used funds raised by the charity institution (an amount close to one million dollars) to finance the birth of the network, leaving destitute the Gloria Wise. This ugly story, that appears to have been broadly know in the milieu of New York liberal elite, came afloat just thanks to the investigative job of Brian Maloney on Radio Equalizer (which published on July 27 the first post on the event and since then keeps on monitoring closely any new development). An important backing to Malony was provided by Michelle Malkin, who also today publishes a new contribute on the subject in her very popular blog and an article on Again today, and again on Townhall, talks about Air America scandal also Brent Bozell, chairman of conservative media watchdog Media Research Center. The blogswarm is marching on unrelentingly in the last two weeks, after having been fed during the first days by (among the many others) Captain's Quarters, It's A Pundit, Basil's Blog, Decision '08, JunkYardBlog, Red State Rant, The Llama Butchers, Ace of Spades HQ, Commonwealth Conservative, Say Anything, Almost Daily, Independent Sources e Mark in Mexico (author of one of the first complete round-ups on the event). But besides the usual exceptions (New York Sun e New York Post on top of all of them), mainstream media continue to ignore the scandal. Just think what would have happened if Rush Limbaugh, the most popular radio anchorman of American right, were caught stealing a million dollars to children and elderly ones of the Bronx... (read the original post in italian)

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