Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Inequality Taboo

"Elites throughout the West are living a lie, basing the futures of their societies on the assumption that all groups of people are equal in all respects". If you don't know who Charles Murray is, the author of Losing Ground, The Bell Curve and (more recently) Human Accomplishment, it's your own business. But if you don't read his last (long) essay published on Commentary, you're just nuts. Analysis, comments (and abstracts) by NoSpeedBumps, Armed and Dangerous, Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, Parapundit, Spartacus, Steven Donohue, Steve Sailer, I Ectomorph, The Citizen Journal, Old Right, Gene Expression, Tjic, Sweet and Sour, Mahalanobis, Dustbury, Random Thoughts, Begging to Differ, Kaiser, Mads Kvalsvik and Nozick (in finnish!). In the meanwhile, on the left coast, reactions are always the same: insults and old stuff. (italian version)

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