Monday, August 01, 2005


Iraq? A "useless and unjust" war. Guantanamo? A "disgrace" that was used by the terrorists to "justify" their slaughters. Who is speaking, on occasion of a conference in Birmingham, is not a militant of the multicoloured no-global galaxy but - we feel ashamed just saying it - is a former US president: Jimmy Carter. The one famous for his peanuts plantations, for wetting his underpants during Khomeini's revolution, for being massacred by Ronald Reagan in 1980 and for having certified Chavez's victory at the last farcical elections in Venezuela. As The Jawa Report writes, this man "is the perfect negative barometer. If he is on one side of an issue, you can bet the farm the other side is the place to be". Details and comments on Protein Wisdom, Captain's Quarters, OpiPundit, Renew America, Left Noose, Jonathan and Wanda Rantings. (read the original post in italian)

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