Friday, August 19, 2005

Air America/2

Radio Equalizer and Michelle Malkin keep on hitting hard on the Air America scandal. And this time, thanks to the last developments of their (outstanding) investigative job, they accomplished to breach the wall built by mainstream media to protect Al Franken & Co, by deserving the attention of New York Sun and Philadelphia Enquirer. While The New York Times keeps on ignoring the story, we find out that not only children and elderly ones assisted by Gloria Wise Boys & Girls are knocking to Air America doors looking for justice (and money): Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. has charged the radio network and his present owners of Piquant LLC with having used "fraudulent conveyance" to avoid the payment of a debt exceeding one million dollars. Maybe Michelle Malkin was right indeed when, a couple of weeks ago, started talking about Air Enron. The blogswarm continues on Captain's Quarters, The Anchoress, Macho Nachos, Bore America, Daily Pundit, Rightwingsparkle, Powerline, What Attitude Problem?, Powerpundit, Evil Conservative, NewsBusters, Iowa Voice, Swanky Conservative, Clayton Cramer, Brainster, Doc Rampage, Conservative Outpost, Instapundit, Sons of the Republic, California Conservative. (read the original post in italian)

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