Thursday, December 01, 2005

White Phosphorus: Pike fries the lies on LAT

Just while the New York Times was stopping to keep an apparent balance between anti-Bushism and sense of ridicule (by Il motel dei polli ispirati the most "appropriate" comment), John Pike, on the Los Angeles Times, dismantles RaiNews 24 lies about white phosphorus in Fallujah. "Once again - writes Pike on the Californian newspaper - it seemed the United States had committed unspeakable atrocities, then lied about its illegal activities and been exposed. Every day there were fresh revelations and allegations. There is just one problem. It isn't true". After dismantling, piece by piece, moonbat theories by Ranucci, Morrione and comrades, Pike attacks also the State Department for not reacting faster to the lies of Italian public television. "The only scandal here - he writes - is that our government allowed the nation to fall victim to clumsy, cheap anti-American propaganda. At least during the Cold War, we made the Soviets work to discredit us". Maybe the director of forgets that during Cold War European commies used to sell their anti-american propaganda in exchange for money. Now, especially the Italian ones, they're doing it absolutely for free.

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