Saturday, December 03, 2005

(Open Trackback) Weekend Round-Up

Good news from Pakistan: the No. 3 official of al-Qaida, Hamza Rabia, was killed early Thursday morning by a CIA missile attack on a safehouse (not so safe, uh?). Pakistan's president later confirmed the militant leader's death: "Yes indeed, 200 percent", he said. Details and comments at Rantingprofs, California Conservative, Winds of Change, California Yankee, Secular Blasphemy, A Blog For All, Gateway Pundit It's National Review's 50th Anniversary. Who doesn't subscribe will spend a sad and lonely Christmas. Mickey Kaus, on Slate, analyzes "Hillary's Chimerical Recalibration" towards 2008. Plamegate's latest developments: always Tom Maguire, always at JustOneMinute. Brian S. Wesbury, on Wall Street Journal, attacks the "Pundits of Pessimism". "Every bit of good economic news gives them reason for despair", he writes. The discussion continues at Instapundit, Dr. Sanity, Blogs for Bush, Atlas Shrugs, Classical Values, WILLisms, Carol Platt Liebau, JunkYardBlog, GOP Bloggers, Ace of Spades HQ. Gian Marco Chiocci and Mario Sechi continues to tell the truth about Nigergate (and to show Repubblica's lies). The last episode of the saga at Mario Sechi's blog.John Luik, at Tech Central Station, dismantles some myths about violence and videogames (in your face, Hillary!). Comments at Instapundit, Joanne Jacobs e Pagan-Vigil. Gen-X, Baby Boomers and war: two must-read posts by My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and Soldier's Angel. 1000 executions in the US since 1976? McQ tries to put the numbers "in a little bit of context", at QandO Blog. The flooding of New Orleans wasn't a Republican conspiracy to kill black people. The New Orleans Times-Picayune (via Michelle Malkin and Wizbang) makes some justice about the Katrina's lies. According to the Washington Post, Tom DeLay's days are almost over. Comments at RightSided and Charging Rino. Wellington translates in Italian the article written by John Pike for the Los Angeles Times about white phosphorus in Fallujah. If you still believe to RaiNews 24's lies, you're a desperate case. Open Trackbacks: Basil's Blog, The Uncooperative Blogger, Stop The ACLU, Adam's Blog, The Political Teen, Oblogatory Anectodes, MacStansbury10 ft 2 ft, Random Yak, Rightwing Nation, Cao’s Blog, TMH’s Bacon Bits, Is it Just Me?, The Political Teen, Conservative Cat, Third World County, The Political Teen, Wizbang, Point Five, Jo’s Cafe, Stuck on Stupid, Samantha Burns, Choose Life. This post has open trackbacks for all the weekend. Rules and infos are here.

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