Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cato Unbound

The new Cato Unbound by Cato Institute seems like a blog (it even has trackbacks), but it's something more. Each month, they publishes a lead essay by one of the world’s leading thinkers (the kick-off is entrusted to James M. Buchanan) and then, in a short period of time, new reaction essays will appear, followed by a "more free form discussion inspired by the initial exchange of ideas". An unique experiment, which could only be started by an unique think-tank like the Cato Institute.

Round-Up: Instapundit, The Volokh Conspiracy, Hit & Run, The Club for Growth, WILLism, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Positive Liberty, The Fly Bottle, Crescat Sententia, PrestoPundit, Crime & Federalism, Liberty Corner, Liberty for Sale, To the People, Dave Budge, Eternal Recurrence, Terrible Swift World, Spontaneous Order, SwMo Libertarian, Beltway Blogroll.

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