Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No News, Good News

Think about it. Since a few days we didn't see, on Italian television and newspapers, stories about Bush-sinking-in-polls. There's a reason for that. In the last week, at least two pollsters registered a strong rebound in President's job approval. In the last poll by Washington Post and ABC News, Bush's overall approval rating rose to 47%, up from 39% in November. And a clear majority (56%) said they approve the way Bush is handling the fight against terrorism. According to Diageo/Hotline, Bush returns to 50%, with his best post-Katrina showing. Other pollsters, like Gallup and Fox News, continues to show Bush slighly upper than the 40%, like in the last weeks, while Rasmussen Reports floats around the middle between these two extremes. But it's clear to everybody, even to the media, that something is starting to move. And journalists prefer to avoid the news.

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