Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stop Global Whining

Stop Global Whining
The Right Brothers
written by Frank Highland and Aaron Sain

There's a crisis on the planet
It's heated up almost a whole degree
It hasn't been this hot in a long time
Not since the 16th Century
When there were no evil SUVs

Stop Global Whining
It's up to you
The earth's been heating up and cooling back down
Since the day it started spinning 'round and 'round
Stop Global Whining
Get your head out of the clouds

His name is Al Gore, yeah he's a loser
He says the blame falls on me and you
He flies around in a private jet
While he tries to sell an inconvenient "truth"
Hey Al here's something you can do

(Repeat Chorus)

Maybe you should shut up Al
Cause every time you talk you're filling up the air
With carbon dioxide too
So if you really think that we'll become extinct
The best thing that you can do is

(Repeat Chorus)

Stop Global Whining
It's up to you
Stop Global Whining
I'm sick and tired of hearing you

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All Rights Reserved / International Copyright Secured

note: the video is not produced by The Right Brothers, but by a fan who uploaded it on YouTube. The song rocks anyway! :)

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