Friday, February 02, 2007

Glucksmann Open Trackback

This post is an open trackback. Make a link here, (the Italian version of this blog), then a trackback to this URL and, sooner or later, a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. Other infos here. :)

Adam's Blog - The Early Reviews are In
Wake up America - Crossing the Line
Adam's Blog - The Truth and Hope Report: Weekend Review
Mark My Words - If you like blasphemy...
Quid Tum? - Un venerdì da conigli
Mark My Words - How to spell Democrat correctly
Blue Star Chronicles - The Insurgents in Iraq
Right Truth - Exclusive - Last Voice From Kuwait, video
Blue Star Chronicles - American Fire Power
Potbelly Stove - News from the Front
Planck's Constant - WTF means ...Where's the Fire? Oh No
Wind Rose Hotel - Fuga dalla sinistra: Glucksmann
Cantor - Ségolène Royal: da una gaffe all’altra
Stuck On Stupid - Weekend OTB & Linkfest For Feb. 2-4, 2007
Ne quid nimis - Largo ai ggiovani
Mark My Words - Wow! I didn't know this about myself
Conservative Thoughts - Press Release: ICO United States V. Phan
123beta - SuperBowl Trackback Weekend
Mark My Words - Dialogue with RRS groupies - round 1
Faultline USA - Backlash on Arkin and the Leftist Media Jackals
Planck's Constant - Mother's Breasts Offend Airline Stewardess

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