Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sleepy Weekend Open Trackback

While we're sleeping all the weekend, make a link to this post, then trackback this URL and - sooner or later - a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. If you can't make a trackback, use Simpletrack di Adam Kalsey or Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger. If you have no idea of what a trackback is, mail url, title and name of blog to this address, writing in the subject: "Sleepy Weekend Open Trackback". Have a great weekend!

The Mote in God's Eye - Liberalizzazioni bipartisan?
Woman Honor Thyself - MorE CartoonS UpsettinG You know...
Planck's Constant - The Best Wiper Blades
The Four Color Media Monitor - JMS insults the French on his...
Potbelly Stove - A need for more fact checking?
Tel-Chai Nation - Modern day Dreyfus case
Potbelly Stove - News from the front - From Multiculturalism to Integration
Blue Star Chronicles - The Path to 9-11
Planck's Constant - 90% of Nazis were not Evil
Blue Star Chronicles - Angelina Jolie and Children Hovering...
Wake up America - Looters and Leeches of the Democratic Party

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