Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

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[War on Terror]
New Enemies Demand New Thinking
Donald H. Rumsfeld, Los Angeles Times
Selling the War
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
CAIR’s Twisted Stand on Academic Freedom
Daniel Pipes, FrontPage Magazine
Panic Stations
Mark Steyn, National Review
Can Iran Be Trusted?
Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute

The Real Conspiracy Behind 9/11
Lawrence Wright, The Times

The Plamegate Hall of Shame
Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

Compassionate Conservativism Still Kicking
Marvin Olasky, World Magazine
GWB's Wish List
Robert D. Novak, Townhall

Rudy Hits the Campaign Trail
John Dickerson, Slate

Lieberman's Right About Another War: Vouchers
Laurence Cohen, Hartford Courant
The Party of Defeat
Rich Lowry, National Review
Antiwar Primaries
John Nichols, The Nation

Ned Lamont Is No Clare Boothe Luce
Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator

All the News that Fits
Burt Prelutsky, Townhall
Fool’s Goldwater
Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Coke Killer
Jonathon Burns, Townhall

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Planck's Constant - Converting to Islam is not Enough - Dottor Padoa e Mister Schioppa
Barry Goldwater - Ordine e libertà
Mariniello - 100 giorni: molte parole, pochi fatti
Tel-Chai Nation - Some startling facts about Rudy Giuliani
Melandrina - Pacco, doppio PACS e contropaccotto!
Planck's Constant - The Black Dahlia - Scarlett Johansson
Starsailor - Don Marinié
123beta - Open Trackback Weekend #17
Woman Honor Thyself - U.N. AbuserS
Verde Rame - Obsession, il film che nessuno vedrà
Neocon Italiani - Il grande jihad
123beta - Centanni & Olaf: Keep Your Finger's Crossed

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