Sunday, March 12, 2006

Betrayal Open Trackback

This weekend, instead of reading biased newspapers, write something interesting on your blog, make a link to this post, then trackback this URL and - sooner or later - a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. If you can't make a trackback, use Simpletrack di Adam Kalsey or Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger. If you have no idea of what a trackback is, mail url, title and name of blog to this address, writing in the subject: "Betrayal Open Trackback". Other infos: here e here. Have a nice (and free) weekend you all.

Peakah's Provocations - America's Hope
Blue Star Chronicles - Jay Bennish: Flower Child or Neo-Nazi?
Passaggioalbosco - Terroristi di sinistra incendiano Milano
Blue Star Chronicles - On Whose Side Were You When It Mattered?
StarSailor - Ben venga un altro ‘68 e ‘77
Robinik - Destra e Sinistra: una trappola per topi
Freedom Folks - Here's Your Sign

Please go to the italian/english version for the open trackback party.

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