Friday, June 01, 2007

Long Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

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War on Terror
Out-Thought by the Enemy
Ralph Peters, New York Post
What I've learned
Tony Blair
, Economist
The Army We Need
Tom Donnelly, Weekly Standard
The Invisible Crisis
Michael Ledeen, National Review

The Rout of Military History in the Academy

Rich Lowry, Salt Lake Tribune
Defeating a Superpower
Clifford D. May, National Review

Elections 2008
Mitt Romney's skeletons in the closet
Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
Thompson in '08?
Linda Feldmann, CS Monitor
Days of Their Lives
Noemie Emery, Weekly Standard

Hillary, Eavesdropper?
Mickey Kaus, Slate
The Case for Conservatism
George Will, Washington Post
A look back at the GOP 2008 victory
James P. Pinkerton, Newsday

Why Fred Thompson?
Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times
Fred Thompson Is In
Michael Barone, US News & World Report
Hillary's War On Individualism
Neal Boortz, Nealz Nuze
Giuliani's Restraint
New York Sun
Social Conservatives back Rudy
David Paul Kuhn, The Politico

Still Baffled By Immigration
Clive Crook, National Journal
Too Bad
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Get in Line, Einstein
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

The Global Immigration Problem
Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics
Doing the Booing Americans Won't Do
Michelle Malkin, Real Clear Politics

Blue Star Chronicles - The War on Terror is NOT a Bumper Sticker
Right Truth - The Gathering Storm, a book review
Blue Star Chronicles - Terror Threat at JFK Airport Foiled
The Virtuous Republic - Peggy Noonan Breaks from Conservatives
Mark My Words - Would the following fit on a bumper sticker?
Committees of Correspondence - Tashbih Sayyed R.I.P.
Maggie's Notebook - Rosie O'Donnell Revealed...
Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker - Tropical Storm Barry forms...
Blue Star Chronicles - The Tuberculosis Saga of Andrew...
Perri Nelson's Website - The Shot Heard Round The World
The Amboy Times - Bush's Border Blunder
Perri Nelson's Website - 1969
Planck's Constant - The Portuguese Reconquista and New Jersey...
The Mote in God's Eye - Il Consiglio dei Ministri delle Beffe...
Planck's Constant - Mendle and the Lebanese in Australia
DeMediacratic Nation - Fred Thompson on Iran, Israel...
The Uncooperative Blogger - The Uncooperative Radio Show!
Diary of the Mad Pigeon - Talk about Feeling like an...
Blue Star Chronicles - Jihad Children: Kindergarten...
The Amboy Times - Giuliani v Edwards and Amnesty

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