Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October Surprise

Better than Karl Rove's evil plans. Better than an endorsement for the Democrats by Osama bin Laden. Better than ten favorable polls from Virginia. Better than Bush's job approval bumping to 80%. John F*cking Kerry's disgusting words against US military are the best october surprise Republicans could ever dream for mid-term elections. Audio by KFI AM and video by Hot Air. A blogswarm is going to bury him.

Round-Up: Hot Air (2), Gateway Pundit, QandO, Hugh Hewitt (2-3), Redstate (2), Instapundit, The Jawa Report, Captain's Quarters, The Anchoress, JustOneMinute, The Indepundit, Riehl World View, Right Angle, TigerHawk, USS Neverdock, Patterico's Pontifications, Don Surber, Ace of Spades HQ (2-3), Little Green Footballs (2), Michelle Malkin, Roger L. Simon, Blue Crab Boulevard, Iowa Voice, Confederate Yankee (2), Sister Toldjah, Riehl World View, Say Anything, Flopping Aces, Atlas Shrugs, Wizbang, Scared Monkeys, Imao, Macsmind, Blackfive, PoliPundit, Hotline On Call, First Read, The Belmont Club, Cold Fury, Varifrank, The Political Pit Bull, In the Bullpen, Pajamas Media, Solomonia, One Hand Clapping, Austin Bay Blog, Volunteer Voters, RightWinged, The Sundries Shack, It Shines For All,, Right Wing Nut House. UPDATE: Stop The ACLU, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Hyscience, The Liberty Lounge, The Stout Republican, Corsair, Red State American, Right Voices, Wizbang, Snapped Shot, Texas Rainmaker, Slublog, Ex-Donkey Blog, Murdoc Online, The Redhawk Review, Neophyte Pundit, Toadpond, She Who Will Be Obeyed!, The Right State, Viva La Blog, Outside The Beltway, Yet Another Conservative, Right Wing Blog, Strangely Silent, The LLama Butchers, Bill's Bites, The Real Ugly American, Old War Dogs, A Blog For All, Stuck On Stupid, FullosseousFlap’s Dental Blog, Wake up America, StuntShack, Leaning Straight Up, Old War Dogs, Alarming News, Texas Hold ‘Em Blogger, Anything & Everything, bRight & Early, NoisyRoom, Neptunus Lex, The World According To Carl, Gun Toting Liberal, Florida Cracker, The Wide Awake Cafe.

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