Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend (Open) Must-Read List

Living in the World of Thatcher & Reagan
Michael Barone
, RealClear Politics
Out of Touch: Bush & "Da Vinci Code"
Peggy Noonan
, Wall Street Journal
Feeding the hand that bites them
Mark Steyn
Cruisin' (Cruisin', Part II)
Jay Nordlinger, National Review
The Real Iraq
Amir Taheri
, Commentary
Victor Davis Hanson
, National Review
The Parent Trap
Glenn H. Reynolds
, Tech Central Station

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Sed Vitae - Evil Spammers - OT Post
Otimaster - Il governo Prodi costa 8,3 milioni in più
StarSailor - Questo fa già paura
123beta - Good Stuff!
Nequidnimis - Il calcio (nel didietro) dell'Ilaria
The Uncooperative Blogger - D-Day Storm the Capitol Campaign!
123beta - Ignoring The ACLU
Mark My Words - Because the ladies asked...
Freedomland - America, Mercato, Individuo. E Friuli
Mark My Words - For Sunday
Woman Honor Thyself - ThE PoweR of WordS
Blue Star Chronicles - Not Worthy of Respect
Planck's Constant - Islamic Hierarchy: Men are from Mars
Blue Star Chronicles - Progressive Hypocrisy

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