Sunday, January 29, 2006

Weekend (Open) Round-Up / USA

According to this Gallup poll, 51% of American citizens say there's no way they'd vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton if she runs for president in 2008 (while just 16 percent are firmly in her camp). So, while the New York Sun writes that "Clinton's emergence (...) for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 is fueling anxiety among Democratic strategists and operatives who are worried she would lose to a Republican in the general election", the former first-lady joins John Kerry in the filibustering attempt against Judge Alito. Maybe Hillary is a political genius, or maybe we always overestimated her. Details and comments at: All Things Beautiful, Blogs for Bush, Decision '08, Betsy's Page, Stop The ACLU, Roger L. Simon, Ann Althouse, The Dread Pundit Bluto, Sister Toldjah, Riehl World View and Below The Beltway. Meanwhile Dick Morris, who knows Hillary very well, is convinced that she would lose to Condy. Interesting article by Richard Brookhiser on the New York Observer: is Republican Party really "Gambling With History"? More comments at: Protein Wisdom, Austin Bay Blog and Betsy's Page. According to Save the GOP, John Shadegg's candidacy as House Majority Leader is growing day-by-day. We like Shaddegg a lot. Read this op-ed written by him on the Wall Street Journal (title: "The Spirit of 1994"). Two days before Canadian elections (won by Conservatives), Michael Moore wrote this. As usual the fatty bastard doesn't seem able to guess anything. Could anyone pay him to shoot an anti-Berlusconi "documentary", please? George Galloway, the disgusting Saddam best-friend who is a disgrace for the British Parliament, was booted out of the English Celebrity Big Brother house. Sometimes reality shows works better than elections. Noam Chomsky is a terrorist (sorry about that, terrorists!). The Washington Post writes that leftist blogosphere is mass-attacking any Democrats who doesn't want to join the radical drift of the Dean-Kerry-Pelosi faction. Wanna bet that, if they try enough hard, they'll manage to lose also mid-term elections in November? Comments at: The Volokh Conspiracy, Captain's Quarters, Power Line,, The Corner (NRO), Decision '08, INDC Journal and BrothersJudd Blog. Michelle Malkin is collecting "protest logos" against Google. Some of them are amazing. This post is an open trackback. Make a link here, then trackback this URL and - sooner or later - a link to your post will be added at the end of this one. If you can't make a trackback, use Simpletrack di Adam Kalsey or Wizbang Standalone Trackback Pinger. If you have no idea of what a trackback is, mail url, title and name of blog to this address, writing in the subject: "Weekend Open Trackback". Have a nice weekend.

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